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La Cuisine Glatt Kosher Catering & Takeout

We Cook, You Enjoy!

In our kitchen we use only fresh, clean and the highest quality of ingredients from around the globe and local. Our real homemade food prepared in-house from scratch, with no preservatives or artificial additives. By us you will eat only deliciously fresh homemade food!


To supervise our premise with the highest Kashrut we have Mashgiach around the clock and all the food prepared by us is under the strict supervision of Rabbi Yisroel P. Gornish. The meat is all Glatt Kosher – Beit Yosef. Bread, pastry and flour are all Yashan and Pat-Israel.


TakeoutShabbat & Yom-Tov

Every Thursday & Friday
La Cuisine Takeout offers large selection of fresh homemade food every weekend for Shabbat, and before Yom-Tov. You can also find our exclusive unique line of Dips & Salads during the week.

Check out our Takeout Menu for some of the great food we have!